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Please review and abide by the rules. Thanks!!!

The CTSA Range is private silhouette and precision shooting club, for the exclusive use of CTSA members and their guests. Wear your membership ID badge whenever you are at the range. Minor children must be accompanied by a parent. We are not a general interest gun club.

Guests must be accompanied by an active CTSA member. CTSA members are responsible for the behavior of the guests they bring to the range. Members are limited to two shooting guests at any range session. Members should not shoot while guests are shooting.

Eye and ear protection is required for all shooters and spectators on the firing line.

The Range Safety Officer on duty is always in charge of the line. They will decide any question of safety or procedure for that shooting session. Unresolved questions can be referred to a committee of officers and match directors.

Hours of operation—A range officer must be present for the range to open. Our goal is to have open hours on Tuesday and Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Monday and Wednesday will be reserved for construction and maintenance for the present, although some weekend workdays will be needed. Open hours can be viewed on the Google calendar on the club website: http://silhouette-texas.us/ As the new volunteer schedule evolves, we hope to be able to establish regular hours, but the calendar will still be a great resource to check for weather or work related closures.

Rifles allowed—All center fire and rim fire rifles are allowed EXCEPT .50 BMG and full auto firearms

Handguns allowed—Center fire and rim fire handguns as used in silhouette and marksmanship competition. Non rimfire handguns for casual shooting must be accurate enough to stay on the target at 50 meters since that is the shortest distance with a beran that will contain those rounds. Shooters will need to demonstrate proficiency at 50 meters with their hand gun to shoot that distance. Self-defense practice at shorter distances should be done at a range set up for that type of shooting.

Ammunition allowed—Target, competition, and hunting loads that do not do damage to targets, rails or berms are allowed. Ammunition NOT allowed--.50 BMC, steel core surplus ammunition (if a magnet sticks, don’t shoot it), tracers, armor piercing, tungsten core or other round that tends to remain intact after impact. Military issue ammunition may be used in closely supervised service rifle matches and organized practice.

Rapid fire—We are not a tactical range and do not have targets and berms appropriate for rapid fire training. Shots should be spaced at least three seconds apart. This will accommodate the rapid fire portion of service rifle matches.

Shotgun shooting stations are not available. Shotguns are not allowed.

Paper targets should be mounted so that they are clear of the rails and so that bullets will impact a berm after passing through the target. When doing a lot of shooting at the same distance, move the tqrget from time to time to avoid damage to the berm. Personal silhouette and swinger targets may be used only at the proper distances and with calibers and loads that do not cause damage. Rocks or clay birds may not be shot off the rails. All targets must be backed up completely by a berm. Shooters are responsible for bringing their own target stand but we hope to have some available at the range in the future. Explosive targets such as Tannerite are not allowed.

Firing points are designated on the firing line for each distance. This is to insure that any wayward rounds will not impact sensitive areas. Please shoot only from the appropriate firing point for each distance. Shoot ONLY appropriate calibers to the appropriate berm.

Exercise impeccable muzzle control—Safety is paramount. Keep the muzzle below the horizon at all times; especially when closing the bolt on a live round. “

No alcoholic beverages are allowed while shooting.



POSTED 02/06/16

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